Clear wintersun

By axeljerabek

Clear wintersun

Skiflying above and feeling the wintersun.
February 7th 2015

4800 feet and slightly above the moisture

near Chiemsee


shadow selfie

too bright

but unfiltered sun

cockpit view

SF25 Falke

SF25 on Ski

and a prepared snow runway in Unterwössen.

above Chiemsee

seeing the castle of Ludwig II @Herrenchiemsee

not too high

top of the humidity


The castle view

heading south

back to Kampenwand

blue sky

clear and great view above

back @Kampenwand

@5000 feet

top of Kampenwand

visiting people up there

blue sky

unfiltered view

clear and bright

unmatched view above

crystal clear

nearing the mountains

watch out

turning near mountain tops



misty fog

just below us


and snow


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