Skiing sunset

By axeljerabek

Skiing sunset

Sunset flight VFR from Unterwössen, Wilder Kaiser, Unterwössen. Feb 15th 2015.

Airfield Unterwössen

about one hour before sunset.

The runway

sun on the runway.

Scheibe Falke SF-25

D-KYNG on skiis for this sunset flight.

Starting RWY 06

Take off 40 minutes before sunset.

Leaving Achental

500 ft above GND

Entering Austria

leaving Achental heading south

last sunrays

and a happy crew

the fog at 500 ft GND

and clear view above


the completely frozen Walchsee

sun on the mountain tops

view clear and sunny still in 5000 ft

sun fading away

30 minutes before sunset the sun is fading away on the ground

fog in Aschau

view to Aschau, Germany

Zahmer Kaiser

view at west end of Zahmer Kaiser

Inntal Austria

Last sunrays behind some lenticularis clouds @Kufstein/Inntal

Zahmer Kaiser top

the last sun on the mountain Zahmer Kaiser

Wilder Kaiser

around the corner


The highest mountains of the alps at our south covered in clouds

Wilder Kaiser westside

a view to rocks and snow

Wilder Kaiser

south of Wilder Kaiser and pretty close

clouds over the alps

not too far away

Elmauer Tor

@Wilder Kaiser

Wilder Kaiser

eastern top

snow @Wilder Kaiser

with last sunrays

eastern end of Wilder Kaiser

and shadow behind it

Kitzbühler Horn

south of us

the sun is almost gone

time is up and we have to return in order to land safely

time to turn

up north

St. Johann in Tyrolia

the Airfield of St. Johann

Last view to Loferer

up there is still some sun


would have been a good destiantion, but we don't have time left to get there

happy crew

meanwhile it is getting darker in the cockpit of the SF25

Reit im Winkl

no sun left on the ground

the valleys get darker

as the sun is going down behind the mountains in the west

entering Achental

from south

different layers of air

with different temperatures und humidity. a last colorful view of the clear air

entering the fog zone

and airfield Unterwössen with RWY 06 in sight

on final RWY 06

the RWY is in sight, but still no tracks to see

touchdown RWY 06

we made it back in time with 4 extra minutes left for a second approach attempt

backtrack on snowy RWY

turn around and bring the SF25 into the hangar

SF25 hangared again

thanks for this amazing ride

video of the landing on snow

Airfield Unterwössen


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