Summer in the Alps

By MrBoerns

Summer in the Alps

What a day! The hot summer days aren't particularly famous for their soaring qualities. Mostly it is about unreliable bubbly thermals, meagre altitudes and a lot of sweat in the greenhouse that is a glider cockpit. And boy did it look like it. Upon releasing the rope from the towplane i was reasonably sure i just wasted an aertows worth of money. Six hours of flying through the most astonishing of panoramic views later i had to reconsider. You never know ...

First lift of the day

over the Gurnwandkopf

Stunning view

maybe there was hope for this day after all


slowly the mountains grow smaller

Going on Course

aiming for the Steinplatte

Looking ahead

Loferer Steinberge already show early signs of clouds

Second lift of the day

climbing over the Sonnwendwand

Ready to cross over

Turns out the Loferer Steinberge are blue after all


Going for the sun-exposed south side

Over the edge

crossing to the sunny side

Blue skies

not exactly my favourite, but that day it just worked out

Sea of rocks

After a little episode near Leogang and Lofer climbing over the "Steinernes Meer"


Next stop Hochkönig


After a stop at Rossbrand its time to go on

Turning Point

Approaching the Grimming, time to turn westward(ish)

View to the south

Actually that looks quite promising


Trying to find a compromise between the course and the clouds moving south



Having made it to the clouds, the blue becomes once again uninviting

Going south

The clouds keep pulling me of course


That still looks an awful lot like a typical not so great summer day


Back on track

The Grass... always greener on the other side (of the alps)

Zell am See

Entering the Pinzgau area

Growing Mountains

Coming from the east the terrain gets more and more spectacular


Time to go home...

After struggling for some time to find a proper lift i grab the opportunity for an easy way home, having climbed to 3800 meters.

Enjoying the ride

After about six hours the hard part is over

Kitzbühler Horn

Wilder Kaiser

a sight to behold on the way home


You can already see the Chiemsee on the horizon

Final Glide

From Hütteltalkopf via Prien am Chiemsee back to Unterwössen


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