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Feel the African experience with our tours in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea with expert guides and provide solidarity support to local people.

Tours in Gambia:
Serekunda & Senegambia / Lamin Lodge / Kartong Fisher Village / Tanji / Paradise Beach / Banjul

Tours in Senegal:
Fahtala Safari / Barra / Boat Trip / Marihuana Forest / Tendaba Camp / Janjabureh / Retba ou Rosa Lake /Casamance

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My name is Fran and I am a traveler. After living and visiting Africa at different times, I decided to support local economies boosting touristic services managed by the real experts: local people. Probably you are a well-versed traveller too and you are willing to experiment the real African experience.

Tours managed by operators do fine, but... why do you need them? This website is non-profit and only acts as an intermediary with the local and expert guides. Contribute with the sustanaible tourism where the guide receives fair remuneration. Your experience will be awesome.. while you boost local economies


The fishing village of Tanji is best to visit in the late afternoon when the fishermen are returning with their catch of the day (this catch can consist of sharks, sea turtles and barracudas) and the women come down to help unload the fish to the beach.

Lake Retba I

On the edge of Senegal's Cap Vert peninsula, a lush coastal region, lies Lake Retba ... a coral pink lake.
Nestled between white sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, this unique body of water was once the finishing point of the off-road car race, the Dakar Rally.

Lake Retba II

The three square kilometer fuchsia lake has been a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status since 2005 and is fast becoming one of Senegal's most popular tourist destinations.
While the rally may have shifted to South America five years ago, men and women from West Africa continue to come here for an entirely different reason -- to harvest salt.

Resting on the beach

We help each other


It is safe, don't be afraid.

Making friends

Friendly Gambia people. Come and check it out :)

Dinghy Ride

Do not forget your headset!

Boboi Beach Lodge

Wild life

Playing soccer, or trying...

Happy kids!

And even happier!

The future of Gambia


Virgen beaches

Gambian botellon

Chilling with some friends

Colorful cities

Who are these guys?

Helping locals

Football fans

Local ladies

Local market



The Gambia is characterized by an impressive ethnic diversity. In addition to the official language English, the tribal languages Mandinka, Wolof and Fula are widely spoken. Islam is the predominant religion. The Gambia relies on subsistence farming, as natural resources in this fairly little country are scarce. The main export commodity is peanuts.



Real life

Gambia - no problem!

Gambia is peaceful to the extent that even when other countries are busy slaughtering their people, we go on saying: "Gambia - no problem!"

Being a small country in West Africa, is one of the safest in the continent and its habitants are very friendly.

Kids will run to you shouting: "Tubab! Where is the tubab?"

Orange safeness


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