Yum~~~Japanese Egg Roll

By hahaburg

Yum~~~Japanese Egg Roll

Quick, Simple, Tasty


Prepare the eggs and the ingredients you love. ((I just chopped some carrots, green onions and snap peas))

Heat and fry

* Heat the frying pan with a little oil.
* Fry the carrots and green onions at first until they are totally cooked.

Fry and season

* Once carrots and green onions are cooked, put snap peas into the pan and mix together.
* Season with Japanese rice wine(1t) and soy sauce(1t).

Mix eggs

* Put 2 eggs in the bowl and mix them roughly.

Mix and season

* Add the cooked ingredients into the same bowl.
* Season with fish(bonito) stock(20ml), rice wine(1/2t), sugar(1/4t) and few salt.


* Apply some oil to a rectangular pan (special pan for Japanese egg roll).
* Pour 2/3 portion of the egg mixture.
* Distribute the mixture evenly in the pan.

Check and roll

* When the egg is 50% cooked, start to roll the egg using chop sticks.


* Roll the egg 2 times. (At first time roll the upper 1/3 part)

Roll again

* Roll the middle part down to the end.

Make the second flat egg

* Move the first egg roll up to the top.


* Pour the rest of mixture into the pan, and make it flat.
* Lift the first roll a little up and let the mixture flow under the roll. (so the new flat egg will stick to the roll)


* Continue rolling the egg roll. (flip 2 times)


* Roll to the end.


* Cut evenly or whatever the shape you love.


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