UK parliament & SAP

By oliver-meurer

UK parliament & SAP

Over here at SAP UK, we worked intensively to adress the specific needs of the parliament of teh United Kingdom. It was a great learning experience - and is a great showcase for what SAP can do for a government.

My name is Oliver Meurer and I would love to hear your comments! Let me know what ideas and services you have worked on with your governmental oragnizations...

Meeting the Government

To start us off, we visited a fair for "Governmental Services" and presented ourselves

Meeting the right Commitee

Having made the right contacts, we went on to see a commitee working on Quality of Government Services

Presenting SAP

In a series of meetings, we presented our ideas

Getting Media Coverage

As part of the push to generate interest, we also ran PR. This proved to be enomously helpful in getting attention!

Making the Pitch

The pitch of our entire proposal was finally discussed even at cabinet level

Our Proposal Paper

This is our proposal paper as a PDF

We made it!

Our team actually did it! We got our proposal signed and are ready to go!
Contact me:
Oliver Meurer ( or under +49 89 2300 191 10


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