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This is a quick guide on our improved story creation with these new features:

- improved image quality and resolution in all stories and as title image
- text only story items. now it is possible to add an item without a picture
- improved story creation layout
- improved user page. now it shows your picture, more to come soon
- adding youtube or vimeo videos as story items. (see a quick description below)

blog integration (wordpress, joomla, website etc)

You can embed any story into your wordpress blog, joomla blog, tumblr or any other blog system now to show your phantastic pictures and videos in a simple story. Simply use the embed or html code for embedding at the end of your story. Make sure that you use any editor in "html mode" for inserting the code.


Simply upload your photospheres that you can create for free.

Get the iPhone App here:

Get the Android App here:

Increase your audience!

Stories are beautiful mixed albums with pictures, videos and text descriptions. Tell your friends or social networks about it!
When your story is written, go down to the end of it and share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and more.
The more people can see your story, the more feedback you get on it.

Post on tumblr

To post a story on tumblr, simply copy the stories link (for example "") on some marked text when the link symbol appears into the links and press "done".

Video Moment

Flowstories offers mixed Video and Picture stories. If you want to upload a video simply click the "secelt image or video" button in your story moment and search for a video on your harddrive or mobile device and update your story. For bigger videos the upload could need a few minutes. If you want, add a moment title and a video description for the story moment too.

download a story as pdf file (requires login!)

at the end of each story is a "download as pdf" button available when you are logged in. simply click it and save the story as pdf file to your computer or mobile device.

edit your images before uploading them with autodesk pixlr within

simply click on the pixlr symbol next to the "select image" button and edit your picture or add effects to it.

effects and many editing possibilities for your images

autodesk pixlr is a nifty addon to make your story images even better. edit your image, save it to your harddrive and then upload the edited image to your story item.

GPS tagging

when your camera supports gps-tagging and it is enabled, flowstories will read the data from your pictures or videos and display a map icon on the pictures within your story. Just click the icon and see the position where the picture or video was taken.

publish or unpublish a story

if you are still editing your story and it is not finished yet, simply unpublish it and it will not be shown amongst the newest stories. to enable it, just click on the orange "publish" button in the lower right corner of your story.

Text only story item

for a text only story item simply add a story moment and type your moment title and moment description without choosing an image or a video.

Continuous stories - ongoing adventure

If you have a story that has a span over several hours, days or even longer, simply add one or more items per hour or day and update your story. If there are any news or you want to insert another item into your story, simply click on "edit" right below the story and add other moments of your adventure, then update your story again and maybe repost it to your friends to keep them updated. This is ideal for travel stories eg.


If you want to add a hyperlink to another site, just type your moment description and use "http://" before an URL and flowstories will automatically insert a link to the given URL, for example

Youtube and Vimeo video integration into your story

Simply copy the address link from your browser and paste it into the "OR add a Vimeo or youtube link" line down below

Simple story item with picture

And add your moment description. Either short or a long one, just as you like. Then select a picture from your computer and click on "update story" down below. Then you might add the next story item just by clicking "add story moment" down below to continue to the next story moment.

a sneak preview to our next feature!

now it would make sense to turn on gps-tags on your smartphone camera! more soon! :)


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